Friday, May 27, 2022

A K Ramesh

Chemanchery | Kozhikode

Trained from Universal Arts School Calicut, Mr. A K Ramesh is currently an art teacher at GHSS Palayad Thalasserry. A gifted artist who marked his extraordinary talent in drawing and painting, he served as an artistic mentor for many pupils. His expertise in arts gets recognized through his major projects like Pedagogi Park at GHSS Karom Payyannur, Quit India sculpture Chemanchery and Korom Rakthasakshi smaraka sthoopam.

A K Ramesh has also served as an art director for several short films and documentaries . He is an active instructor and has attended and conducted many art camps for children. He was the instructor of Lalithakala academy camp held at Pookkad. His presence is notable in several group exhibitions. Mr. Ramesh is married to Mrs. Sheeba UP and Mithravinda is their only daughter.

Salabhanjika at Thiruvangoor Sri Narasimha Parthasarathi Temple – work in progress

Bodhi – Silpodyanam, Diet Thirur, Malappuram (Group work)

Charles Darwin ( Cement) – GHSS Korom Payyannur

Reach out at:

Thuvvakkode(P O)
Phone: 9446122083


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