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Rajesh Thekkiniyedath

Rajesh Thekkiniyedath
Malayalam author | Thrissur

born on 04 July 1969, a Malayalam author found instant acceptance in modern Malayalam literature with his first novel ‘ Ini njan Madangatte ‘ published in 2014. He retained reader’s interest in each of his subsequent novels Greeshmatthile Pookkal, Kolamuri, Irulputhacch Vazhikal, Thusharameghangal, Sauhrudathinte Aazham, Kodathi Varantha, Jafnayude Thazvarangal, Idimuri, Njatteditheyyangal, Dravidan.

His work in Kolamuri, Ini njan Madangatte, Njatteditheyyangal breathed fresh perspective broadening the minds of readers like never before. His three seminal novels on life in the matriarchal family in Kerala Kolamuriis widely credited as his masterpieces. In 2016, he won the Kerala Kalakridam Award for ‘Kolamuri’. His works are widely read and discussed in the Malayali society.

Born in Peringottukara, a small village in the present-day Thannyam panchayath in Thrissur Taluk, Thrissur district Rajesh has a natural gift of observation beyond what meets the eye. He has been writing plays and articles since childhood and finally found his calling with ‘ Ini njan Madangatte ‘ based on his personal life experience. Most of his works are oriented toward the basic Malayalam family structure and culture and many of them were path-breaking in the history of Malayalam literature.

He spends time in social work in his hometown besides being vocal about current affairs while the writer in him keeps assimilating inputs on varied subjects waiting to be published.

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