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Sunil Thiruvangoor

Musician, Music Teacher
Thiruvangoor, Kozhikode

Sunil Kumar, A well known musician, popularly known as Sunil Thiruvangoor. His contributions to the world of music is noteworthy. He was born to Madhava Panikkar and Padmavathi, on 30 May 1964.  Earned primary education from  Thiruvangur School. Got Ganabhooshanam Graduation from Chembai Sangeetha College, Palakkad. At present he works as a music teacher at Pavandoor HSS.

Spouse: Usha Sunil
Children: Amruthesh Poonthuruthi, Devananda Sunil
Siblings: Sajitha, Sajeeven

Major Works

He is a socially committed artist who has organized several musical events for many socially concerned purposes. He has coordinated thematic dance presentations for the promotion of Literacy movement. Under the banner of AIR, he has coordinated a dance drama as a part of the movement against pollution at Vazhakkad,Calicut.

As a music teacher he used to organise many programmes promoting National integration. He conducted a programme called “suvarnagaatha” in various schools of Kozhikode District in connection with the Golden Jubilee of India’s Independence. Procession of students reciting patriotic songs was one such programme.

He was the leader of the choir group which was organized for publicizing Total  Literacy Mission in Kozhikode District. “Chithraswaram” programme was conducted under his leadership at Mananchira Square  against communal riots and terrorism.

A music programme in connection with the Women empowerment Programme of  Chemanchery Grama Panchayath was conducted by him.

As a member of Pookkad Kalalayam Sunil Kumar has directed and presented so many light songs and group songs on various occasions.

He is the member of State Resource Group (SRG) and District Resource Group (DRG) in Art education. Now he is a member of core SRG and is taking classes for the State Resource Persons.

He is a member of the group that designs the Art Education Curriculum and Art Education Assessment source book for standard I to VII. A book for Pookkad Kalalayam on the basic lessons in music was written by him which is a great help for beginners in music. He has written an article on Art Education in 25th Anniversary supplement of  Pavandoor Higher Secondary School.

He has received prizes and trophies from the public, from Grama Panchayath , Educational Department etc. The welcome song for 42nd State Youth Festival, Kerala was composed under his leadership.

As a counselor of JRC, he used to take regular classes on the importance of  National Integration and he used to organize camps on Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanthi etc.

He has devised many teaching aids on his own to make the teaching of  music more interesting. As member of Core SRG he used to conduct classes for music teachers on innovative ways of teaching music.

He conducted demonstration classes on various musical instruments in selected schools of Kozhikode district. Under his guidance and motivation the students of HSS got many prizes in Art festivals and some of them are now well known artists performing in various TV channels.

Under his guidance and motivation the gifted students have reached the heights of glory. Some of them are well sought after professional artists today. Regarding the weaker students, he used to give special attention to them using his own gifted students as well as by giving special coaching by himself. He conducts music therapy classes under the auspicious of Abhayam for the mentally retarded students of Kozhikode district.

His daughter Devananda Sunil and son Amruthesh Poonthuruthi are also talented in music and are actively involved in performing carnatic vocals and mrudanga vaadhanam respectively gaining wide recognitions by people around. Sunil can sing fluently in 3 languages which includes Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu. He can also play various musical instruments including Harmonium, Key Board and Drums.

When Malayalam was granted the title of  “Classical Language” the teacher conducted a Musical choir called Madhuram Malayalam on June 21st ,2013 (Vayanadinam) and the programme received wide applause from not only the students but also the public.

He has composed the Musical Dance Programme based on the poem ‘Mambazham, by Vyloppilly Sreedhara Menon.

Awards and Recognition  

Award for Best Teacher instituted by Association of National Best Teacher Awardees.

He has received the Purandaradasar Puraskaaram in the year 2010,  instituted by Malari Kalamandir.

The choir group formed under him at Pavandoor  Higher Secondary group won A grade in Vrindavadyam, Vanchippattu etc in the District Youth Festival, Kozhikode in 2013-14.

Under his leadership 12 students has participated in Balalokam Programme  conducted by AIR Kozhikode.

The Students of Pavandoor HSS conducted a musical programme on World Enviroment Day of 2012-13 to create awareness among the people about the importance of environment protection .

He was the resource person in the visual Art and Music workshop for DED students at DIET Kozhikode during the year 2013-14.

He has co-ordinated and conducted the welcome song of the district Youth Festival of Kozhikode District for the last 3 years.

He has also conducted the welcome song of the 42nd and 50th Kerala State Youth  Festival.

He composed  the “ Pravesanotsava Ganam” at schools for Kerala State for 3 years.

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